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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's Official (and Sorry Beth)

Today I will be mailing in my entry form for the New York State Fair Photography Competition. Judging will be taking place in about a month once all submissions have been mailed/dropped off and I should know on or around August 18th if my works have placed and/or will be displayed at the fair. I'm optimistic but I am trying not to get my hopes too high.

I'm fairly confident in my abilities as a photographer. I've always had an eye for framing and composition and I've only gotten better over the years. It's impossible to know what the competition will be or what the judges will like on the particular day. Though it would be great to place or, dare I even mention, receive "Best of Show" I know that this, being my first competition, will be a learning experience and I'd feel proud if I would be selected for display even without a prize and ribbon.

About a month or so ago my brother was talking with a colleague of his who works in the visual information lab and she was taken by a number of my photos and wanted to know if I would let her make prints so she could decorate her apartment. As payment I would get prints made for myself. Upon receiving the prints, I looked them over and chose the two that were of the highest quality and represented well the intended look.

My two selections are:

Hinge - Clay, NY
: To be entered in Section A: Class 2 (Professional: Color Print). And, much to the chagrin of Beth:

Bridge - Liverpool, NY
- To be entered in Section C: Class 1 (Non-Traditional Photography - Professional) because of the amount of work I did in Photoshop.

Thank you to those who offered input and opinions. Other than the shot of the old hinge, it was tough to decide on the second entry and it wasn't until I saw the physical prints that I was able to choose.

Wish me luck!