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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Inside Digital Photo

Last week in the midst of my busyness I got an email from Scott Sheppard, CEO of Inside Media Networks and host of the Inside Digital Photo podcast, about his recent interview with Photoshop Guy - and friend of the blog - Scott Kelby.

I had first encountered IDP this past March when they featured a video tour of Photoshop Nomad - and another friend of the blog - Ben Willmore's home on wheels. It's definitely worth a look.

Back to Scott's interview with Scott, it's a fun look at the background of the NAPP, Scott's digital photo workflow, and what's been going on lately.

Learn about Scott’s current gear and workflow including a hands-on analysis of why he feels Adobe Lightroom is a better than using the tools built into Adobe PhotoShop CS3, especially if you are a professional photographer.

Scott also discusses the key benefits the NAPP organization provides to it’s members including discounts, tips, training, and best of all an extensive global community of other Adobe Photoshop users with which to network and share questions, ideas, and inspiration.

Hear why their semi-annual Photoshop World Conference & Expo is one of the premier technology learning events available and of course where to get one of Scott’s books. Scott Kelby is known for being the #1 best-selling computer/ technology author in the world for the past three years straight.

Keep up with Scott’s latest news at www.scottkelby.com and, if you are not already a member, join the National Association of Photoshop Professionals by visiting: http://www.photoshopuser.com

(And if you do, be sure to mention me as a referrer! - JDM)