“The object of a question is to obtain information that matters to us, and no one else.”
- Sean Connery as William Forrester in "Finding Forrester"

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Friday, June 01, 2007

My 38+ Hour Work Day

I apologize for not having anything interesting to say today. We are in the midst of our conference season and will be virtually out of touch with the real world until Sunday, at which time we'll begin a brief recovery period before doing it all again next week.

Today - or shall I say "yesterday" since it's now 4:36am - was setup day. We unloaded our rental truck at around 8 and began setting up our gear. After a long day of hammering out many of the details and slaying all of the dragons that came our way - including me dropping a 70 pound speaker cabinet on my dad's head (we're both ok) - we finally had the chance to break free at a couple of minutes after 2am to head home for a couple of hours of shut-eye before our 8am call. That is, we thought we could get free...

When we went to have security lock up the main room with all of our equipment in it, they were less than able to adequately secure the space. So, with that, we decided that we would act as our own night watchmen and in a few very short hours the first session of the weekend will begin. And I won't be done until around 10:30pm tonight.

In short, I'm beyond tired and exist now in a state of pure exhaustion and, if I'm able to remain conscious today, I will be running mainly on the fear of screwing everything up. That said, next week will keep me from blogging much, if at all. My apologies. I'll try to put together the P&P Weekly, but I can't promise anything.