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Friday, August 10, 2007

Geographic Composition #3: Reflections

Welcome to week three of Geographic Composition! Each week a number of my fellow photobloggers and I will submit an image based on a common theme from our scattered locations around the world. Even though the theme is the same, our own vision and view of the world when coupled with the geographic and cultural environment in which we live will shape the images we create and offer a varied interpretation on the topic of the week.

For this week, our theme is "reflections." For some it was about the physical reflections on glass, water, or a mirror or even the simple fact that what we see is the reflection of light off of the subject(s). Others took the more contemplative meaning. And another went with a combination of the two with a surreal twist.

Please take a moment to view the participants' blogs and also, if you have any suggestions for future themes, please leave a comment below.

Thanks, and Enjoy!
"I Wonder As I Wander"
Erik Persson - Seattle, WA
"One Fish... Two Fish"
Jenny Arnez - Rancho Cardova, CA
Jon Erikson - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
"Live Crab"
Amy Archer - Sweden
"Anticipation" ("Where's the Camera #2")
Jason D. Moore - North Syracuse, NY
"Glass, Mirror and Light"
Andrew Smith - Hanover, PA