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Friday, February 02, 2007

P&P Workflow: #2

by Andy Smith - "Film Noir"


Olympus Evolt 500
8:00 PM
18 mm focal length
ISO 100
.4 seconds
Movie theater, Hanover, PA
I originally worked with a similar shot in color, which ended up being ok, but the "film noir" concept crossed my mind.

  • I opened the file in Adobe Camera Raw and used the "Fluorescent" preset to minimize the color cast. Opened the file in Photoshop.
  • Rotated the image and cropped it to provide better attention to the line of posters.
  • Next three steps are from a Scott Kelby book:
    - Converted the image to LAB mode, then selected the Lightness Channel.
    - Converted the image to grayscale, then RGB mode.
    - Duplicated the background layer, then set the mode of this new layer to "Multiply."
  • Used the Shadow/Highlight adjustment to create the desired balance between light and dark tones.
  • The next three sharpening steps are also from Kelby:
    - Copied the image into a new channel, and selected the edges.
    - Used "Levels" to make sure only the edges were selected. The selection was then inverted.
    - Used the Unsharp Mask to sharpen the edges, then deselected.
*If you would like to contribute to the P&P Workflow, please email Jason.