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- Sean Connery as William Forrester in "Finding Forrester"

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

P&P Workflow: #3

by Jason D. Moore

Before: Taken in Grand Central Station, NYC 1/30/2007, 1:40 PM
Taken with available light, no flash.
  • Nikon D50
    Auto Exposure Mode
    18.0-50.00 f/3.5-5.6 lens
    1/20 at f/3.5
    ISO 800
    Focal Length 18mm

In LightroomDevelop Module:

  • Cropped and rotated so the line of lights at the far end of the room were level and along a third and the left edge of the large flag was along a third.
  • Basic:
    Recovery: 32
    Blacks: 16
  • Tone Curve:
    Highlights: 0
    Lights: +19
    Darks: -27
    Shadows: 0
  • Color Adjustments:
    -Yellows: -7
    -Reds: +100
    -Yellows: -40
    -Greens: 0
    -Cyans: +54
    -Blues: +13
    -Magentas: 0
  • Detail:
    Sharpen, Smooth, De-noise = 100
  • Lens Corrections:
    Vignetting Amount = -69

In Photoshop CS3 beta:

  • Lab Sharpening
    -Duplicate background layer
    -Convert to Lab Color mode (Don’t flatten)
    -Select the “Lightness” channel
    -Apply an Unsharp Mask filter with the settings: Amount: 81%, Radius: 1.0px, Threshold: 0 levels
    -Convert back to RGB (Don’t flatten)
  • Lower the opacity of this layer to 75% (to your taste) to help the sharpening blend more smoothly.
*If you would like to contribute to the P&P Workflow, please email Jason.