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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Auto-Blend Layers in CS3

I've had some time to play around with the public beta of Photoshop CS3 and there are so many cool new features that I already know will be extremely helpful in making my workflow run more smoothly.

Right now, though I just want to touch on a new tool that I've been using in a real-world application for a client. We've digitally mastered a number of records from the 70s for a local high school fine arts department. In order to transfer the album covers into a format for CD labels and case art, I've needed to scan the covers in sections and piece them together prior to working with them.

Before, I would have to mask off sections I didn't need with gradients to make them blend together and really just take a long time getting it right. Now, with CS3 there's an option in the Edit menu called "Auto-Blend Layers" and it couldn't be easier to use. Simply select the layers you want to blend in your Layers Palette and go to "Edit>Auto-Blend Layers" and Photoshop does the rest! It saves you time and effort that can be better spent doing other things, like watching Photoshop podcasts, reading blogs, or just goofing off with a Nerf gun.

Give it a try and you will be absolutely amazed with the results.