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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Using Multimedia In Your Local Church (2)

With the success of our last workshop in September, my dad, brother, and I are going to be leading a second session of "Using Multimedia and the Internet in Your Local Church" on Saturday March 23.

My dad will focus on video production, creative storytelling, and shooting good video. My brother will deal with some basic web design and computer networking. And I will be talking about PowerPoint, digital photography, and Photoshop Elements (most churches aren't willing to spend the money for the full version of Photoshop even though it is far superior and more flexible).

We had a good group of about 30-40, I think, last time and we expect an even more packed house this go 'round because it will be in a more central location.

If you live in Upstate NY and want to drive to the Syracuse area for a day of training, click here for details. We'd love to have you!