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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"Darkroom" Mag: Misnomer?

UPDATE: Scott Kelby has written a post about the naming of Darkroom Magazine in response to all of the questions about it over on his blog.

Last week, I posted on the recent announcement of Darkroom Magazine by NAPP. In a recent post over at The Online Photographer, featured commenter, Mike, makes an interesting point regarding the chosen title for this new publication. He says:

Wow, if ever a new magazine were saddled with a disastrously wrong name, I would think this is it. "Darkroom" has a very distinct, defined, and time-honored meaning in the context of photography, and it is not the opposite of "Lightroom," nor will it have a meaning or a connotation having anything to do with digital imaging for most newsstand browsers.
I have to say that I had a similar first impression when I heard the news last week. My first thought was that it should simply be titled "Lightroom Magazine" or even "Lightroom User Magazine" to follow with NAPP's flagship publication Photoshop User. Of course, the computer is now known as the "digitial darkroom." Lightroom is a great piece of software and I love the power it offers in fine-tuning my photos. And I look forward to learning more, as I always do, through NAPP's excellent training and resources.

In the end, it's just a name. But it would be interesting to know the rationale for this particular one.