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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Photoshop World: Boston

If you haven't seen it yet, last week Scott Kelby posted a sneek peek at the photography side of the upcoming Photoshop World in Boston. There are just so many interesting classes being offered that I don't even know where to start!

The official list of sessions has been sent out and posted and, initially, here's is where you may be able to find me:

  • Wednesday:
    - Opening Keynote/Guru Awards
    - As Easy As 1,2,3 - Ben Willmore
    - Photoshop Killer Tips for Photographers - Scott Kelby
    - Photoshop Visual Effects - Corey Barker
    - After-Hours Party at Jillian's (ProPass)
  • Thursday:
    - Creating Digital Composites - Julieanne Kost
    - Lightroom to Photoshop to Lightroom for Printing - Jeff Schewe
    - Digital Photography for Serious Photographers - Rick Sammon
    - The Magic of LAB: Part I - Dan Margulis
    - Marketing 101 - David Ziser
    - Art of Digital Photography
    - Midnight Madness
  • Friday:
    - It Ain't Over 'Till the Fat Pixel Screams - Moose Peterson
    - The Power of CS3's HDR and Extending the Dynamic Range - Jack Davis
    - Fine Art of Printing - John Paul Caponigro
    - The Pen Tool - Bert Monroy
    - Photoshop Wars
    - Closing Ceremony

I'm usually working behind the scenes making events like this run smoothly from a technical standpoint so it will be a welcome change to be a participant for once.